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Flash Sale EU/UK Ship 2 Years Free Update Launch CRP919X OBD2 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Support CANFD, DOIP, ECU Coding, 31 Service

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3 CRP919X: CRP919X Launch CRP919X OBD2 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Support CANFD, DOIP, ECU Coding, 31 Service
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Product Description

LAUNCH CRP919X is the new release of CRP series and update version of CRP909X. LAUNCH CRP919X provides users with all system diagnoses, 31 reset service, active test and ECU coding.

Launch X-431 CRP919X OBD2 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

  • EU/UK Ship, No Tax
  • Two Years Free Update & Five Years Warranty
  • Full Bi-Directional Control & ECU Coding, 31+ services same as X431 V
  • Upgraded version of Launch CRP909X/CRP919E

Launch CRP919X is an intelligent and online diagnostic tool, which based on the Android platform. It has the OBD function that best meets the needs of the passenger car DIY market. It supports full-system basic function diagnosis of more than 70 models, and supports 31 special functions at the same time.


Launch X-431 CRP919X Features:
  • All System Diagnosis + 31 Reset Service
  • Active Test ( Bi-Directional Test)
  • ECU Online Coding ( No SCN Coding) to activate Hidden functions.
  • Support CANFD & DOIP
  • Support FCA (AutoAuth)
  • 2 Year Free Update. Lifetime Free Tech Support. After 2 years free update, it will not be used, you can still use old software.
  • Support 100+ Car Brands Diagnosis
  • Multi-Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Polish.
  • 7 inch touch screen; Android 10.0 OS;4-Core Processor ;3G/32G Memory ;6100mAh Battery
  • Extended Modules
    • BST360 battery test.(For Battery Cranking system Test, Battery Charging system Test, Battery Health Test)
    • Launch VSP-600 Video Scope: Check unseen parts and give you a direct image of the engine, gears, compressors, headers and valves, and body components.

Launch CRP919X and CRP909X Comparison:

LAUNCH CRP919X and crp909 comparison

launch crp919x

Two Versions of LAUNCH CRP919 :

1. EU version, it works in only EU and UK countries.  EU/UK Ship OK, NO Tax.
The EU Version is special for Europe Customers, pls choose this version if you are from Europe.

2. Global version, it works in any country, NO IP limited!
If EU customer need this version, only ship from China warehouse.

Launch CRP919X Functions:

Support full-system basic diagnosis function of more than 70 mainstream overseas models.

LAUNCH CRP919X automotive scanner enables users to run an all-system diagnostics and a complete scanning of engine, AT, ABS, TPMS, Fuel, BCM diagnostic data, so that you can quickly clear all the fault codes for an optimized performance. And the Auto VIN could automatically identify vehicle information for some models and enhance diagnostic correctness and efficiency.


Bi-directional Control (Active Test)

The newly added "Bi-directional Control" is practical for finding out what's wrong with a car. The CRP919X bi-directional scan tool can actuate solenoids and actuators for a-ctive test and send commands to systems/components to test their working status, without using the vehicle controls or tearing the vehicle into parts. For examples:
  • Injector Buzz Test
  • Valve Tests
  • Acceleration Device Test
  • A/C Compressor Activation
  • Switch Cylinder Correction On/Off
  • Turn the Radiator Fan On/Off
  • Modulate Throttle On/Off
  • Widely applied to Windows, Doors, Sunroof, Headlamps, etc
* Note: Please update the software to get this function and send the VIN for check compatibility firstly. It's is not universal to all vehicles

ECU Coding

Recode Changed Modules,Optimize Vehicle Performance, Re-Flash Hidden Functions, Renew ECUs Coordination,Reprogram Adaptive Data, Improve Fuel Efficiency, Reduce Power Loss, Improve the Durability of Mechanical Parts.
  • Matching: Rematch the repaired or changed component control modules.
  • Personalize: Activating daytime running lights,activating the acoustic warning signal,changing the brightness of the dashboard,adjusting interior lights,automatically activating the rear-view camera, adjusting the level of the side mirrors etc.
  • Disable some unneeded functions: such as deactivating injector buzz sounds,deactivating the auto start-stop,disabling seat-belt warning and more;

But Note:
1. Online Coding & Online Programming is not available.
2. Coding function varies by vehicle model.

Online Coding: Seamlessly compatible with VW, Audi, Skoda, Ford, Lincoln, Mazda ONLY. The LAUNCH CRP919X Scanner directly accesses online vehicle repair data for high-level repairs. The 2024 addition of the PMI (Programmable Module Installation) function allows data replication from the original module to the new unit, streamlining module replacement.

Offline Coding: Compatible with Benz, BMW, Ford, Mazda, Jaguar, Vauxhall, Opel, and more. It reads the code from the original module and transfers it to the new module.

Unveil Hidden Features (Personalization): Harness hidden features to disable irksome functions, such as deactivating auto start-stop, daytime running lights, safety belt warnings, and more. Correct fuel consumption calculations and eliminate nuisances.

Component Matching: Match, relearn, calibrate, or initialize adaptive data for components post-repairs or replacements. Examples include gearbox matching, suspension calibration, seat matching, headlight fitting, and more.

Customize OE-Settings (Retrofitting/Modification): Alter pre-programmed options to transform original vehicle behavior, activate high-end features, and boost performance. Options range from retrofitting xenon fog lamps to adapting cruise control or tire pressure monitoring systems.

When a thorough diagnosis is your aim – spanning battery, steering, suspension, audio, or headlamp systems – the LAUNCH X431 CRP919X professional scanner emerges as the ultimate choice. On par with Snap-on scanners and X431 PROSV/X431 V+, the 2024 automotive diagnostic scan tool, LAUNCH CRP919X, excels across 150+ car makes and 100,000+ models globally (1996 and newer). It reads/clears codes, offers ECU insights, provides Live Data visualization, conducts active tests, performs special functions, and more across all available systems. This translates into Dealership-Level diagnosis, furnishing pinpoint and extensive insights across all automotive systems.

  • 1. ECU Information Retrieval: Access control unit details like unit type, version numbers, and more, offering crucial references for repair work.
  • 2. DTC Management: Read/Clear DTCs to locate issues and clear codes after repairs, maintaining a streamlined diagnostic process.
  • 3. Live Data Insights: Visualize sensor data through Live Data streams and graphs, recording and replaying data, including common values like Transmission Temperature and Misfire.
  • 4. Freeze Frame Analysis: Capture a snapshot of current sensor values during issues like engine misfires, aiding in diagnostics.
  • 5. Active Tests & Bi-directional Control: Accurately ascertain module work statuses through Bi-directional Control, ensuring precise diagnostics.
  • 6. Special Function: Conduct diverse daily automotive maintenance functions on specific systems, enhancing overall vehicle health.
  • 7. For Workshops: Share diagnostic reports in PDF formats or print them for clients, instilling confidence by revealing fixed issues.

launch crp919x

Support 31 special functions
1. A/F Reset
2. Brake Reset
3. Oil Reset
4. SAS Reset
5. Battery Reset
6. ABS Bleeding
7. Electric Throttle Relearn
8. TPMS Reset
9. Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
10. EGR Adaption
11. Air Conditioning System Relearn / Initialization
12. Adblue Reset
13. AFS Reset
14. Coolant Bleed
15. Engine Power Balance Monitoring
16. Gear Learn
17. Gearbox Learn
18. High Voltage Battery Diagnostics
19. IMMO
20. Injector Coding
21. Language Change
22. NOX Sensor Reset
23. Seats Calibration
24. Stop/Start Reset
25. Sunroof
26. SUS Reset
27. Transport Mode
28. Type Reset
29. Windows Calibration
30. Intelligent Cruise Control System Reset
31. Gas Particulate Filter Regeneration

Unlock 100+ MORE Services in "Diagnostic" Menu for Specific Models:

Delve into 100+ advanced service functions for specific vehicle models via "1.Diagnose" > "2.Car Model" > "3.System" > 4."Special Function". LAUNCH X431 CRP919X's expansive automotive diagnostic scan tool effortlessly grants access to specialized functions such as Zero-Point Calibration, HVAC Calibration, Seat Calibration, Suspension Calibration; Idle Relearn, VGT Relearn, VIN Relearn, Transmission Quick Learn, Relearn Vehicle Data; SWS Initialization, ABS Initialization, Rain Sensor Initialization, Front Wiper Initialization; Clutch Adaptation, Transmission Adaptation, Fuel Injector Adaptation; Turbocharging, Hybrid Control Compression Test, and more.

Launch X431 CRP919X


CAN with flexible data rate (CAN FD) overcomes the limitations of the classical CAN bus in terms of data transfer rate. In practice, the data throughput of CAN FD is 6x higher than classical CAN, depending on the network topology. Compatible with GM models (2021 and later).


With Diagnostics over DoIP, diagnostics introduced over UDS are used over TCP/IP and Ethernet. This enables much higher data rates than with CAN. That makes LAUNCH CRP909X save both in terms of time and expenses in the case of complex diagnostic tasks and flash applications. Compatible with B-M-W (F&G chassis), Volvo models (2018 later), Land Rover & Jaguar models (2017 later).

AutoAuth Access: Navigate FCA SGW with Finesse

LAUNCH CRP919X bidirectional scan tool empowers FCA functionalities, facilitating code clearance, bi-directional control (active tests), and special function excution for FCA vehicles (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Fiat, etc.) produced after 2017. (Note: AutoAuth account must be procured independently.)

Launch CRP123x / CRP129X / CRP909X / CRP919X / X431 PROSV / X431 PRO5 Comparison:
Features Launch crp123x Launch crp129E Launch crp909E Launch crp919x launch x431 pros v5.0 Launch x431 pro5
Photo LAUNCH CRP123X CRP129E LAUNCH CRP1909E Launch CRP919X X431 PROS V5.0 X431 PRO5
Full System Diagnosis ABS/SRS/Transmission/Engine ABS/SRS/Transmission/Engine
Special Reset Functions   Oil/EPB/SAS/TPMS/Throttle Body Reset 28+ Service Functions 37+ Service Functions 31+ Service Functions 50+ Service Functions
Bi-directional control (Active Test)      
ECU Coding      
J2534 ECU Programming          
Screen size 5 inches 5 inches 7 inches 7 inches 8 inches 10.1 inches
Opration System Android 7.0 Android 7.0 Android 7.1 Android 10.0 Android 10.0 Android 9.0
CANFD & DoIP      
Vehicles Supported 57+ Brands 57+ Brands 80+ Brands 100+ Brands 100+ Brands 150+ Brands
Package Includes:
1pc x CRP 919X Handset
1pc x OBDII Diagnostic cable
1pc x 5V DC Charging cable1
1pc x Power adaptor
1pc x Quick start Guide
1pc x User's Manual

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Technischer Service

Launch CRP919X and CRP909X Comparsion
Launch CRP919X and CRP909X Comparsion

How to choose Launch CRP919X and CRP919X?
 How to choose Launch CRP919X and CRP919X?

Launch CRP919X and other brand scanner comparison
Launch CRP919X and other brand scanner comparison