Launch LTR-03 RF Sensor 315MHz/ 433MHz 2 in 1 Universal & Programmable TPMS Sensor Metal & Rubber

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2 TPMS Sensor: 1 Piece Launch LTR-03 RF Sensor 315MHz/ 433MHz 2 in 1 Universal & Programmable TPMS Sensor Metal & Rubber
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Product Description

LAUNCH LTR-03 FR Sensor 315MHz & 433MHz can replace all original tire pressure sensors and copy the original tire pressure sensor data.
LTR-03 is LAUNCH own designed and produced RF-sensor, offering the best TPMS solutions for any shop performing TPMS repair service.

Launch LTR-03 RF Sensor 315MHz & 433MHz 2 in 1 Universal & Programmable TPMS sensor

The Launch TPMS sensor is a perfect replacement for most OE sensors on the market. With the help of Launch TPMS (LAUNCH X431 TSGUN) tool, the sensor can copy OE TPMS module data 100% and perform unlimited programming.
  • 315MHz/ 433MHz 2 in 1 TPMS Sensor.
  • Metal and Rubber two types to choose
  • Battery Life of 4 to 6 Years.
  • Reprogramming for LAUNCH Sensors unlimited times.
  • Compatiable with Launch X-431 TSGUN , i-TPMS, CRT5011E TPMS Tool

Launch LTR-03 RF Sensor

Launch LTR-03 RF Sensor Features:

1.Compatible with over 98% of OE-level sensors in 315MHz and 433MHz.
2. Able to replace all the OE tire pressure sensors, copy the OE sensor data and can be programmed for unlimited times.
3. The pressure value of LTR-03 can be accurate to 0.1 BAR with an international leading automotive-grade chip.
4. Optimized RF antenna for better signal transmission.
5. Over-the air wireless programming and battery life lasts for 4 to 6 years.
6. Easy to install with smaller body.

How to Use the Launch LTR-03 RF Sensor?

1. Tire pressure learning:
Use the tire pressure learning function of a tire pressure diagnostic tool, follow the steps to operate. (Part of the vehicle learning process is self-learning, the tire pressure sensor will automatically activate after a short distance driving

2. Install the Tire:
Put the tire with the installed tire pressure sensor back on the vehicle
launch sensor install

3. After the vehicle self-learning, the tire pressure sensor system is activated successfully, and the dashboard will show the normal tire pressure.
LAUNCH Sensor Specifications:
Operating frequency 315MHz/433MHz
Battery voltage 3.0V
RF transmitter power 5~8dBm
Storage Temperature -40°C~125°C
Working Temperature -40°C~125°C
Dimension 50.8*24*17.8 mm
Weight 42g (Metal),  48g (Rubber)
IP Rating IP67
Package includes:
1pc x LAUNCH LTR-03  RF Sensor

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