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Launch X431 ECU & TCU Programmer Read/Write ECU Data Standalone PC Ver.

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3 ECU Program: ECU/TCU Programmer Launch X431 ECU & TCU Programmer Read/Write ECU Data Standalone PC Ver.
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Product Description

LAUNCH X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer is an ECU and TCU programmer and cloning tool that supports reading and writing functions for various types of engines and gearboxes. Used for ECU replacement, data processing, file verification and more.

Launch X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer PC Version Standalone

LAUNCH X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer supports read the chip ID, back up the EEPROM data, back up the FLASH data, restore EEPROM/FLASH data, IMMO off function for MEDC17 ECUs, VAG MEDC17 ECU clone, checksum correction and more.

launch ecu tcu programmer

Launch X431 ECU & TCU Programmer Features:
  • 2D menu, clear and easy to choose
  • Powerful search function
  • Easy to copy data
  • Faster ECU Data Reading & Writing Speed
  • Convenient modification of ECU data
  • Support engine data validation function
  • USB communication, with a speed more than three times that of Android devices, making it more stable
  • Software multi-language: English, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Arabic, Traditional Chinese Select the corresponding language setup to install.
  • One Year Free Update, after one year, update fee about 260EUR one year.

1. Please check Launch X431 Programmer ECU TCU Support List
2. Software download link please check "Download" option on the top of our website.
3. LAUNCH X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer User Manual

Major upgrade! Engine data validation is available with PC cloning software, a vital function after modifying ECU data.
Often only found on expensive devices, we brought it to all X-431 PROG3 PC adaptor and ECU & TCU Programmer users at no extra cost.

Engine data validation is a crucial process for maintaining the accuracy and consistency of ECU data. After modifying ECU data itis essential to conduct data validation. With launch cloning sotwares exclusive feature. You can ensure optimal ECU/TCU operation achieving precision without extra cost.

Launch ECU & TCU Programmer Function:
  • Support two methods to read various vehicle brand ECUs info
  • Support read the chip ID and back up the EEPROM data
  • Support back up the FLASH data and restore EEPROM/FLASH data
  • Support immo off function for MEDC17 ECU
  • Supports checksum correction
  • Support Data Processing, anti-theft shutdown and file verification
launch ecu tcu programmer

Support list till June 2023:
ECU Name ECU Type ECU Brand FLEX
EDC16XX ECM Bosch Support
EDC17XX ECM Bosch Support
MD1CSXXX ECM Bosch Support
MD1CPXXX ECM Bosch Support
ME17.X.X ECM Bosch Support
MED17.X.X ECM Bosch Support
MED9.X.X ECM Bosch Support
MEV17.X.X ECM Bosch Support
MEVD17.X.X ECM Bosch Support
MG1CSXXX ECM Bosch Support
MG1CPXXX ECM Bosch Support
MSDXX ECM Continental/SIEMENS Support
MSVXX ECM Continental/SIEMENS Support
SDIX ECM Continental Support
SIM271XX ECM Continental Support
SIMOS12.X ECM Continental Support
SIMOS8.X ECM Continental Support
SIMOS-PCR2.X ECM Continental Support
6HPXX TCM ZF Support
8HPXX TCM ZF Support
7DCT300 TCM ZF Support
9G Tronic TCM Bosch Support
TCXX TCM Bosch Support
DLXXX TCM Temic Support
DQXXX TCM Temic Support
VL381 TCM Temic Support
MEDG17.9.8 TCM Bosch Support
MEG17.9.2 TCM Bosch Support

What is advantage of ECU Programmer Standalone compare with X-prog3 + X431 Tablet?
1. For VW Audi Porsche clone function is in data processing section
2. The connection is more convenient
3. Data reading and writing speed is faster and more stable (3x times faster)
4. Data processing and transfer on PC are more convenient
5. Adds immo off function
6. Standalone version cannot do key programming.

How to use Launch X431 ECU TCU Programmer

Software Use Guide:

Firstly, connect the X431 ECU &TCU Programmer to the computer with a cable. Then, click to enter the software. The serial number will be automatically recognized from the X-431 ECU &TCU Programmer, and the activation code needs to be obtained from the envelope bar of the X-431 ECU&TCU Programmer.

Click [Activate] to activate (only activate once, no need to activate again later), as shown in Figure 1. Without connection, you cannot access the software, as shown in Figure 2.

launch ecu tcu programmer
Launch X431 ECU & TCU Programmer

ECU Data Reading/Writing
1. Obtain the related ECU.
(1) Method 1: Obtain the desired ECU type through brand > model > engine > ECU in turn, as shown in Figure 3.
Launch X431 ECU & TCU Programmer

(2) Method 2: Query the desired ECU by entering a value in the search box. The search categories includeBosch number and Search, as shown in Figure 4. For example, search for the MED17.5.25 engine by Search, as shown in Figure 5.
launch ecu programmer
launch tcu programmer

2. Click [Direct Connection Diagram] to obtain the ECU connection diagram, as shown in Figure 6.
Launch X431 ECU & TCU Programmer

3. Connection: Connect the ECU and PCBOX according to the information provided in the connection diagram. The physical connection diagram of MED17.5.25 (using the BENCH mode line) is shown in Figure 7, and the physical connection diagram using the gearbox adapter is shown in Figure 8.
Launch X431 ECU & TCU Programmer
launch ecu programmer

4. Read the chip ID, as shown in Figure 9.
launch ecu programmer

5. Back up the EEPROM data and save it, as shown in Figure 10 (the figure shows the save page of the read data).

6. Back up the FLASH data and save it, as shown in Figure 11 (the figure shows the process of reading FLASH data).
Launch X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer

7. Restore EEPROM/FLASH data, as shown in Figure 12 (the figure shows the file selection page).
Launch X431 ECU TCU Programmer

Data Processing
1. Click the [Data Processing] button on the main page, as shown in Figure 13, and select [IMMO Off and File Verification] ([DTC Shield] is not currently supported), as shown in Figure 14.
Launch X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer
X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer
2. File verification and IMMO off (process: select file > connect network to obtain > save file), as shown in Figure 15.
Launch ECU & TCU Programmer

Package Includes:
launch ecu tcu programmer package list
1pc x the host 
1pc x jumper
1pc x MCU cable
1pc x EU adapter
1pc x US adapter
1pc x power supply cable
1pc x USB cable

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Launch X431 ECU & TCU Programmer Clear Mercedes TCU VGS3

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Technischer Service

How to choose Launch X-PROG 3 and X431 ECU & TCU Programmer
Item Launch X-prog3 (Hardware work with X431 Tablet) Launch X-prog3 PC Software
Interface Photo launch xprog3 x431 ecu programmer
Read/Write EEPROM Yes Yes
Read/Write MCU Yes Yes
Read/write key Yes Yes
Unlock/renew key No No
Mercedes Key Yes Yes
Key Simulator Yes Yes (part of)
VAG IMMO4 Dump Mode All Keys Lost Yes Yes
Read ECU on bench mode Yes Yes
Read ECU in Boot mode Yes Yes
VAG IMMO4 All key lost without login Yes Yes
Read and Write Gearbox TCU Yes Yes
Copy remote No No
Read/Write Key Yes Yes
Read BMW ISN code Yes Yes
Read BNW CAS4+, FEM chip Yes Yes
Read Audi EZS Yes Yes
OBD Read MED17 ECU Yes Yes
VAG IMMO4 UDS engine replacement Yes Yes
VAG MQB ECU, TCU, ELV replacement Yes Yes
Renew Mercedes Engine/Gearbox Yes Yes
Read VW Audi IMMO5 and MQB Gearbox FLASH & EEPROM Yes Yes
Read VAG MQB NEC35XX IMMO Data Yes, with built-in sync data calculator Yes
Read and write BMW FRM (Repair Footwell module) No No
Standalone No, with Launch X431 Tablet on PC
Renew BMW F series 6HP Yes Yes
Renew BMW F/G series 8HP Yes Yes
Renew BMW E series 8HP gearbox Yes Yes
Clone VW, Audi engine ECU Yes Yes
Mercedes key learning Yes Yes
Update Update via Launch X431's tablet, need subscription when free update expires 1 year free update, need subscription later