X431 PAD VII Exclusive software update for Lotus Cars!

Exciting news! The latest and exclusive software update for Lotus Cars is here! Try it out on your X-431 PAD VII and PAD V devices or purchase the software first for other X-431 scan tools.  Check out the functions for details.

The new version of the software supports diagnostics for theLotus Cars Elise, Exige, Evora, and Eleven 2004-2022 models.covering various electronic control systems, includingEngine, Anti-lock Braking, Airbag, Instrument Panel.

Functions for EMS engine system include viewing versioninformation, reading DTC, clearing DTC,reading data streams.actuation tests and special functions of fuel pump control, exhaustflap control, vehicle configuration and vehicle configuration writingfor EMS (Engine System).
Functions for ABS Anti-lock Braking system include viewingversion information, reading DTC,clearing DTC,reading datastreams, actuation tests and special functions of ESP Lampactuation, brake light switch (BLS), brake bleed, steering anglesensor calibration, vehicle configuration for ABS (Anti-lock BrakingSystem).
Functions for SRS Airbag system include viewing versioninformation, reading DTC, clearing DTC, reading data streams.vehicle configuration function for SRS (Airbag System).
Functions for TPMS include viewing version information, readingDTC,clearing DTC,reading data streams, special functions ofsetting thresholds for TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System).
Functions for IP Instrument Panel system include speedometeroutput control and vehicle configuration for IP (Instrument Pack).

Software Interface:
x431 pad7
x431 pad vii
x431 pad vii
launch x431 pad vii