One Year Update Service for Launch X-431 PRO3S+ with HDIII Gasoline & Diesel Diagnostic Tool

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Product Description

One year renewal service card for X-431 PRO3S+ with HDIII Gasoline & Diesel Diagnostic Tool. No Need Shipping.
If you want to update your Launch X431 Pro3S+ with HD III car and truck scanner after one year free update service expired, you can buy this service to extend another one year free update.

One Year Update Service for Launch X-431 PRO3S+ with HDIII Gasoline & Diesel Diagnostic Tool

Before you purchase the update service, please provide the serial number to use to confirm if we can help to provide the update service firstly.
The devices which were brought from overseas dealer can not be provided update service.

1. This is for X-431 PRO3S+ with HDIII
2. No need shipping.
3. It will need 1-2 Days for the Launch technician to do the update service.
4. This is One Year Update Service.

The Launch Software update Renewal Card is a new method to update the software of the X-431 diagnosis products made by Launch. With this cards, the customer can update his X-431 diagnosis tool easily and fast.

How to make it work?

1. After you place an order on our website and check out, please provide us your device serial number.
2. We will send Subscription Renewal Card Activation Code.
3. The Launch technician will open the update service online, no need shipment.

How to activate the Subscription Renewal Card?

1. Tap the application icon on the home screen to launch it.
2. Tap "Login" on the upper right corner of screen to log in the system (Note: Please make sure the tool has a strong Wi-Fi connection).
3. Tap  and select "Update" to enter the update center.
4. Tap "Renewal" on the update page to activate Subscription Renewal Card. (Note: "Renewal" button will be showed only when the subscription has expired.)
5. Input the password of Subscription Renewal Card (24-digit numbers) and then tap "Confirm" to finish the transaction (The order can be viewed by tapping "Profile"->"My order").

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