How to use Launch Diagnostic Tool "X-431 FIX" Function

"X-431 FIX " is a collaborative between Launch Tech Company and HaynesPro in Europe. It provides professional repair guidance for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and trucks. 
The maintenance data database function enables repair technicians to quickly and accurately perform vehicle maintenance and diagnostic development.
Currently, this function needs to be purchased separately in app. Available now on X431 PAD V & X431 PAD VII, more supported Launch-X431 tools are on the way.
x-431 fix
x-431 fix

How to get in X431 FIX Database?

1. Homepage -> Info Center -> Repair Info -> X-431 FIX;
x-431 fix

2. Diagnose Vehicle -> Diagnostic Trouble Code page;
x-431 fix

3. Log in X-431 FIX account, it'll enable automatic login next time.
launch x431 fix

How to get a X431 FIX Database Account?

Users can purchase X431 FIX database account in X431 Mall. The account price varies by region. It should be noted to fill with correct received information when purchasing. Especially email address, which is the key to send account password. The process will be completed within 7 working days in normal


How to get FREE X431 FIX Database trial?

1. Click "Trial" button to fill with email address, it's on the lower right corner of X431 FIX page.
2. Launch staff will open and email a trial account with password in 7 working days.
3. Users should check email in time. The trial account can be automatically logged in within validity period.
z-431 fix
x-431 fix