Refund Policy

You can apply for refund within 30 Days since the date you received the goods.

1. Full Refund

(a) The item you received has quality problem, such as it can not work once you receive it or it encounters crash in delivery. In this situation, you can full refund or exchange a new good item, we will pay the entire fee.

(b) If we send wrong items to you, we will burden the return shipping cost, and send you right item.

(C) If you order the wrong products, please send the whole package back to us, and confirm the item is 100% brand new, and package is complete, and after we receive return package we will refund.

2. SKU is Out of Stock

If item is out of stock, we will send email to check if you want to exchange or get refund. If choose refund, we will refund the price of the goods to you, if there are still other items for this order, we will send the rest to you. If you want to cancel the order, we will refund full money to you.

3. Package is Not Received
(a) If customer's invalid shipping address, or wrong contact information (carrier failed to contact the customer to receive the parcel) or customer refuses to pay for the import duty when parcel is shipped by DHL (we will confirm with customer before the shipment) that cause a return, we will not refund the shipping fee it costs in this case. Thank you for your understanding.

(b) If you don't get item for a long time, please contact us online (whatsapp, skype, email, online chat). We will confirm with the couriers and get back to you ASAP. If product gets lost during transportation more than one month, we will arrange to resend new package, and if during the time you have new order, contact us online, we can ship together.