Launch X-prog3 Adds 13 VW IMMO MQB NEC35XX Types (Feb, 2024)

Launch X-prog3 Adds 13 VW IMMO MQB NEC35XX Types (Feb, 2024)
1)Added the vehicle mode for the VW IMMO software.
2) Optimized the anti-theft system automatic identification function for the VW anti-theft software

Added read and write function for a total of 48 Renesas model RH850_ encryption single-chip computer.

Added readout function for 13 VW IMMO MOB instrument,
Added IMMO readout all missing function for VW, added image zooms in/out function,
Added OBD pre-process function for BMW FEM/BDC immo system.
Optimized PIN CODE, CS code and VIN code input box function, optimized file save function, optimized online backup/restore function.

Optimized read and write function for Porsche front terminal/rear terminal electrical module,
Optimized key learning. Read-out preprocessing function for BMW FEM/BDC IMMO system;
Fixed ECU read and write function for Bosch MD1XX/MG1XX SPC main control unit,
Fixed the issue of some ME17.8.8 engine ECU not connected,
Fixed the issue of some SMART/Mercedes-Benz W204/W207/W212 steering lock not start after replacement

1) Added a total of 48 RH850_encrypted single-chip machine read and write functions
including R7F701008, R7F701011, R7F701016, R7F701021, R7F701OO9, R7F701012, R7F701017, R7F701022, R7F701026, R7F701002, R7F701010, R7F701013, R7R01018, R7F701023, R7F701027, R7F701014, R7F701019, R7F701024, R7F701028, R7F701032, R7F701040, R7F701042, R7F701044, R7F701046. R7F701050, R7F701003, R7F701015, R7F701020,R7F701025, R7F701029, R7F701033, R7F701041, R7F701043, R7F701045, R7F701047, R7F701051, R7F701030,R7F701034, R7F701048, R7F701052, R7F701054, R7F701056, R7F701006, R7F701007, R7F701049, R7F701053

2). Add a total of 13 VW IMMO MQB instrument read-out functions, including D70F3524, D70F3525_V1, D70F3525_V2, D70F3525_V3, D70F3525_V4, D70F3526_V1, D70F3526_V2, D70F3526_V3, D70F3526_V4, D70F3529, D70F3532_V1, D70F3532_V2, D70F3537